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Actor Kristin was a founding member (and Artistic Director) of the improvisational theatre troupe Renegade Duck during its incredible run from 1992 until 1998. Touted by no less than Del Close as the best troupe in the country for music, the group excelled at long form and breaking the conventional boundaries of improv skits to invent new forms and bring them to the stage. In addition, she was a member of the Improvisational Theatre League during its Boston run. She was also a writer, composer & performer for the highly-successful "Aunt Evy's Comedy Bee & Bake Sale" sketch comedy show and has performed in various theater & film productions in the New England area.

Composer Beneath that rock n' roll/folkie exterior beats the heart of a classically trained musician. Kristin plays a slew of instruments and has sung professionally in Boston churches and with classical productions such as "Tosca", "Carmina Burana" & "Porgy & Bess". She has also scored movies, composed music for stage productions and arranged pieces for everything from small jazz ensembles to large orchestral productions. She also wrote all the music for the set of sketch comedy shows, "Aunt Evy's Comedy Bee & Bake Sale"; from the full-cast opening & closing blockbusters to the "theme songs" for various skits.

Genealogist A quick one-month project for a cool Christmas present in 1992 has become a life-long study and never-ending source of inspiration for stories & songs. The family is currently back to the 300s C.E. and is online in its old HTML form. Kristin is currently updating all the families as she migrates them over to wiki format.

Voice-Over Talent A singer's voice plus a mastery of a variety of characters & accents has made for a voice-ver talent for the ages. Kristin has provided voice-overs for everything from student films to Discovery Channel bumps. Oh, and delightful readings of stories to children of all ages.

Writer In addition to prose, poetry & essays, Kristin has written everything from sketch comedy to the pilot for the children's history show MassPast. No, she is not working on the proverbial screenplay, but one never knows, does one?

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